Pen pal project


Did you ever feel like you wanted to make friends outside your community? Even outside your country? I sure did, and I turned it into an international adventure! 

I looked up the possibilities and came across ‘pen pals’. Writing letters or e-mails to people from different parts of the world or in your own country. 

I love the idea of meeting people and learning about their culture. 

But how do YOU start this adventure?

First, you need to find yourself a pen pal. There are many sites and blogs for this. If you’re on tumblr, just searching ‘pen pal’ is enough to find a whole list of people.

If you’re interested in sending postcards, this might be something for you. You’ll send and receive postcards from around the world. It’s called postcrossing

If you want to learn a new language or just need some extra practice, this site is the one you need. You can search pen pals from any country you like:

penpals.finder on instagram is full of people just like you, looking for a pen pal. 

Other useful sites: