Dazzling home decoration ideas

Listed below are some cute ideas for decorating your home. These cute ideas will make your home look cosy, and make visitors wonder how you did it. Enjoy!

All of the ideas were found on Pinterest, I don’t own the pictures. 

1. For the forgetful among us this might be a useful reminder , so you know when to buy her flowers and chocolate.  


2. No more make-up brushes on the washbasin with this cute make-up holder. Just use a wooden board, some transparent jars and something to hold the jars, and you’re good to go! 


3. More awesomeness in the bathroom? Use a wine rack as a towel holder!


4. Speaking of wine, why not display your wineglasses? You no longer have to walk all the way to the cabinet when you need a  cabernet!


5. And when you’re in need of coffee, this might be helpful as well 


6. Where’s the best place to keep fruit? Where you can see it! Walking past the fruit every day will motivate you to eat it!


7. Losing stuff is no fun. Losing your car keys when you’re in a hurry? even worse. This smart idea is easy to make, and you can hang it wherever it suits you.


8. Even smarter is sorting the mail and hanging your keys -at the same place-. 


9. Romantic souls will love this one, I can feel it.


10. Making your guests feel at home just got a little easier. Now they don’t have to uncomfortably ask for it.