Habits of a successful student

We all want to succeed in school, and at the start of the school year we’re motivated as heck. But that motivation leaves the building, you’re drowning in work and before you know it you have to search for a little bit of time in your schedule to eat, sleep or unwind. And what about your social life?? With a few useful tips and a whole lot of discipline things will go a lot easier! 


  • First, you must study every day. No kidding. EVERY day. If you don’t have one yet, you should get a weekly planner or study schedule and decide in advance what you will be studying and when. Having my ‘study time’ planned on paper always motivates me to do it. If I plan it ahead, I’m 100% more likely to do it.

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  • To be able to focus, your desk should be cleaned up. A desk filled with books and papers and other unnecessary junk really messes with your concentration. Keep it simple! Some flowers or plants, some pens, your laptop and the learning material you’re working with now. If your desk is big enough, some other books or materials are no problemo!bfbef0b274674ec18d2cd7b99d68d516
  • Eat healthy food. Fruit and vegetables are your best friends. I won’t be telling you all the positive effects of healthy food because I’m sure we all have a mother or grandmother who already educated us on this. I know how tricky this is because a bag of M&M’S is just begging for you to eat them, I’ve been there. But fruit and nuts are just as tasteful and better for… everything.


  • Sleep! You should get enough hours of sleep at night. Or else you’ll wake up feeling like a zombie and your motivation level will be -100. And falling asleep during classes is not something your teachers will accept. During the exam period, they will be like ‘Oh right, you were sleeping in my class… See you in august!’


  • Relax! 50 ways to do this: 


I found these pretty images on Pinterest, as always! 


10 Things to do on a rainy day !

It’s summer break and we all want to enjoy the weather. But what if the weather is not as enjoyable as hoped? These 10 tips will get you through those boring rainy days! 

Empty your wardrobe

  • Dive into your wardrobe and sell the clothes you no longer want. You’ll have space for now clothes AND earn money for those new clothes by selling the old clothes. Win-win!

Get creative with your walls

  • I’m going to make a seperate post about this one because the possibilities are endless! You can use christmas lights, tropical prints, boho prints, plants,…

Find a pen pal and write letters

  • And I’m talking about real letters, on paper. No e-mails! Just you, pen and paper. Get creative, you could write about anything! I made a post on how to find pen pals, this could help you begin this adventure. You can find it here: Pen pal project 


Commit to your personal growth

  • Sit in silence for a while and reflect on your life. What could you do better? How could you do it better? What makes you feel complete? 
  • Meditate
  • Let go of the past. You shouldn’t let mistakes from the past hold you back. 

Learn to play a new instrument

  • A few years back, I bought a guitar. I didn’t know how to hold the thing, let alone play it. I used Songsterr and youtube videos to learn the basic stuff and some simple songs. 


Plan your next trip

  • This is something I love to do when I have too much time on my hands. Choose where you’d like to go, look up some hotels, estimate how much it will cost you and start saving money. It’s that simple. 


Read a good book

  • I read “behind closed doors” by B.A. Paris. It was the best book I ever read. You won’t be able to put this book down until it’s finished. And even than you’ll probably want to read it a second time.

Earn some money

  • Some sites pay you to do small tasks. You won’t get rich by doing this, but a little extra on your bank account never hurts. My personal favorite is Upwork. You can choose the category of the task, read some descriptions and submit a proposal. If you get hired, you do the task. When you finish the task, you get paid. This is an easy online way to earn some money. 

Sites I use: 



Play old video games

  • When I was young I loved The Sims². Now that I’m in college I don’t have a lot of time to play video games but during summer break this is something I waste my time on regularly.


Learn a new language

There are lots of apps for this. I used Duolingo to learn Spanish grammar before going to college. When I had my first year of Spanish in college I already knew a lot, so I passed Spanish with straight A’s.

Language applications:

  • Duolingo
  • Memrise
  • Mondly
  • LingQ
  • Babbel 

None of the pictures are mine, I don’t own them. They’re all found on Pinterest. 



3 series to binge watch this summer

Sooo, the summer season finally started and you’re already bored and wondering what to do this summer? Grab some popcorn and pick a comfortable place, because these three series will not let you go.

1. Riverdale

2. 13 reasons why

*Still sobbing*


Getting through the first two episodes was quite the challenge but once you get past the beginning, orphan black will captivate you.

Pretty places to travel 

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page – St. Augustine

Bora Bora. What else?


Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Manarola, Italy

Sunset upon Manarola (20x30)

Obersee, Germany


El Caminito del Rey , Spain 


Villa San Michele , Capri 


Rakotzbrücke, The devil’s bridge, Germany 


Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Puglia, Italy 


Ruins of Doria Castle, Portovenere, Italy 


The Manta Resort, Tanzania



Dazzling home decoration ideas

Listed below are some cute ideas for decorating your home. These cute ideas will make your home look cosy, and make visitors wonder how you did it. Enjoy!

All of the ideas were found on Pinterest, I don’t own the pictures. 

1. For the forgetful among us this might be a useful reminder , so you know when to buy her flowers and chocolate.  


2. No more make-up brushes on the washbasin with this cute make-up holder. Just use a wooden board, some transparent jars and something to hold the jars, and you’re good to go! 


3. More awesomeness in the bathroom? Use a wine rack as a towel holder!


4. Speaking of wine, why not display your wineglasses? You no longer have to walk all the way to the cabinet when you need a  cabernet!


5. And when you’re in need of coffee, this might be helpful as well 


6. Where’s the best place to keep fruit? Where you can see it! Walking past the fruit every day will motivate you to eat it!


7. Losing stuff is no fun. Losing your car keys when you’re in a hurry? even worse. This smart idea is easy to make, and you can hang it wherever it suits you.


8. Even smarter is sorting the mail and hanging your keys -at the same place-. 


9. Romantic souls will love this one, I can feel it.


10. Making your guests feel at home just got a little easier. Now they don’t have to uncomfortably ask for it.